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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has your company been in business?

    Albuquerque Patio Covers has been in business for eight years, starting with one man and a trunk full of handyman tools in a Honda Civic. Currently, we employ over 15 people and are continuing to grow and expand.

  • Is your company licensed, bonded, and insured?

    Yes, we have all the above through the state of New Mexico. Call us now to know more about our services!

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    All our work is guaranteed for a minimum of 90 days. Many of our products/building materials have extended warranties through individual servicing companies. Ask your sales representative for detailed information about your particular products or services. Call us now!

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, credit cards, checks, online options, as well as financing plans.

  • Do you offer financing options?

    Yes, we are able to offer financing through an arrangement with Hearth Financial. Please see the link on our website or ask your sales representative for more information. *Hearth Financial is an independent partner. Call us to learn more about our financing option!

  • What are your payment terms?

    Typically, we require a minimum 50% deposit (of total project cost) to begin your project. The remainder of the balance is due upon satisfactory completion of your job.

  • How long can I expect my project to take to complete?

    Based on the extent and complexity of your project and the availability of materials, we strive to complete projects within a two-week time frame. Of course, exceptions do apply.

  • What are the primary services your patio contractor offers?

    We specialize in patio enclosures, patio covers and carports, awnings, deck repair, and patio repairs.

  • How can a patio enclosure benefit my outdoor space?

    A patio enclosure creates a versatile and comfortable space for year-round use.

  • Tell me more about your patio covers and carports.

    Our patio covers and carports provide shade and protection for outdoor areas and vehicles.

  • Why should I consider installing an awning?

    Awnings offer sun and rain protection, enhancing your outdoor living space.

  • What types of deck repairs do you handle?

    We address a range of deck repair needs, from structural issues to cosmetic improvements.

  • Can you explain the importance of patio repairs?

    Patio repairs ensure safety, structural integrity, and an appealing outdoor space.

  • What distinguishes your patio contractor services from others?

    We offer top-quality patio solutions, backed by expertise and craftsmanship.

  • How can I schedule patio enclosure installation with your team?

    Contact us to discuss your project, and we’ll guide you through the process.

  • Do you provide custom patio covering options?

    Yes, we offer customizable patio covering solutions to suit your unique needs and style.

  • Can you describe the process of awning installation services?

    Our awning installation ensures a seamless fit and durable protection for your outdoor area.

  • What types of deck repair services do you specialize in?

    We handle structural repairs, surface refinishing, and more to revitalize your deck.

  • Can you provide references or case studies of past patio projects?

    We can share references and discuss successful patio projects upon request. Call us!

  • What factors affect the cost of patio enclosure installation?

    Costs vary based on size, materials, and complexity. Contact us for a tailored estimate.

  • Why should I invest in a patio awning for my home?

    A patio awning enhances outdoor comfort, curb appeal, and property value.

  • How do your deck contractors ensure long-lasting results?

    Our deck contractors use quality materials and expert craftsmanship for durable, beautiful decks.

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